Who is Dr Howard Katz?

Dr Katz Training in New YorkAlthough many people in the medical world have heard of Dr Howard Katz, it is often quite difficult to pin down exactly what he does, especially as he seems to specalise is a variety of areas, constantly working in more than one area. However, Dr Howard Katz started his career in one particular field: the area of dentistry, and it is there that he built up his career as a trustworthy and impressive dentist. It was only when he started to work with Botox also, of course, that his renown started to spread, and over the last twenty years his research and passion for teaching have led him to create a truly outstanding career across the world.

One of the reasons why Dr Howard Katz stands out in so many people’s minds is because of the research work that he has achieved, particularly in the field of Botox and dermal fillers. Indeed, the vast majority of the tools and chemicals that are routinely used in Botox procedures across the world actually owe their patents to Dr Howard Katz. He has also worked closely with several pharmaceutical companies in order to ensure that their creations are perfectly safe and useful for the patients that they are going to be injected into, his dedication to patient safety and patient satisfaction a central part of his character.

It is no surprise, therefore, when many people discover that Dr Howard Katz spends most of his time now travelling the world teaching and giving lectures. After all, as the world leading expert on Botox Dr Howard Katz feels that it is only right that he shares that knowledge with as many people as possible. Whether he is travelling to Israel, Europe, South Africa, or across our own country the States, he is primarily raising up new practitioners with the same level of expertise and dedication to patients that he has. Dr Howard Katz is even bringing his most popular Botox training course to New York so that local dentists can learn from his expansive knowledge base.

More about his Los Angeles courses at http://botoxtraininglosangeles.com