Signs Your Holistic Dentistry Clinic is Truly Natural

Healthy, holistic dental symbolYou may have realized by not that holistic dentists are not the same as traditional dentists. However, for many, this is a huge draw for natural dental clinics. But you should know that even among those practices claiming to practice natural dentistry that all clinics are not created equal. Here, we will look at a few ways that you can tell whether or not your holistic dentistry practice is the real deal. If you feel your dentist is not up to par, come see us.

Avoidance of What Other Dentists Readily Use

Lots of traditional dentists will use things to carry out certain procedures that a natural dentist practices will never use. For example, your holistic dentist will never use mercury fillings. Mercury is a toxin that should be avoided at all costs. When it comes to caring for your teeth, you can expect to never be asked to use a fluoride rinse at a holistic dentist. Neither would your child. Studies show that fluoride is bad for everyone, but is especially harmful for young children. Crowns and sealants are not used by holistic dentists. X-rays are used very sparingly.

Not Your Traditional Prescription

Holistic dentistrydoes not use traditional medication to treat dental issues. Instead, any natural dentistwill prescribe natural medications before they write any sort of prescription. In many cases, holistic practices avoid prescription medications all together. Instead, you can expect to be given things like all natural Vitamin C to drink, or even what others might call home remedies that have been proven to work. Homeopathic medications (all natural medications) might be recommended by some holistic dentists. Infrared devices are often used by holistic dentists instead of prescription painkillers after any kind of oral surgery.

Procedures They May Not Offer

You should also be aware that most holistic dentistry practices will not always offer the same services as very other traditional dentist office. For examples, holistic dentists almost never cut out or remove wisdom teeth. The only time that they will do so is if they are causing serious pain or health issues. Most surgery that takes out wisdom teeth is unneeded. Also, keep in mind that holistic dentistrypractices will very rarely offer patients root canals on teeth. Many of them will never offer them to patients. Instead, natural medication, cleaning of the affected area, and slight changes in diet can actually clear up the need for a root canal.

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