Open The Door To A New Year With A Free Dental Consultation

sandiego2Dr. Daniel Vinograd and the Brighton Dental clinic in San Diego, California are excited to announce that free dental consultations will be available at the clinic on New Year’s Day 2015. We hope you will arrange your schedule to accommodate this free event that can make such a difference by improving the dental and overall health of you and your family members.

Strong health starts with having a health mouth. When you visit us on January 1, 2015 for your free consultation, we’ll carefully examine your mouth, face and head for many kinds of diseases and help you understand exactly what can be done to correct any issues that are present.

To get the most from your free exam and to have the best experience with us, please do the following:

  • Tell us about health problems that you know you have so we can take account of how those are interacting with your dental health.
  • Tell us about conditions — including both dental and overall health problems — that you are experiencing but have not visited a healthcare professional about.
  • Provide us with a listing of the medications you take regularly along with the dosage you take so that we can look for interactions with any treatments we prescribe or suggest.
  • Honestly tell us if you have a problem with dental anxiety so we can do everything possible to put your mind at ease so you can have a more pleasant experience than you’ve ever had at a dentist.

We sincerely hope you understand that overall health is closely linked to dental health. That’s why we take dental care so seriously. We want everyone in San Diego and across the nation to experience the fullest potential from life possible. Will you honor us by letting us provide a free consultation to you?

For additional information about this event, you can visit our website or call (619) 640-5100. We want to serve you and will do whatever is necessary to make the process easy and convenient.

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