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Is it Safer to Remove Asbestos from a Building or Leave it there?

Is it Safer to Remove Asbestos from a Building or Leave it there?

asbestos removal operator

If you have had asbestos testing done at your property and discovered that there is asbestos, you may be anxious to take action as soon as possible. Reports suggest that latent asbestos is responsible for thousands of deaths per year, so your concerns are entirely valid. Asbestos exposure can trigger a range of different medical problems, including lung cancers. When asbestos is discovered, one of the main questions is, whether you should have the asbestos removed or whether you should leave it in place and have the material specially treated to protect yourself.

The pros and cons of asbestos removal

Asbestos is only thought to be dangerous once it has been damaged, because damage is what releases the potentially harmful fibers into the air. If asbestos removal is not carried out by an expert, the asbestos can be damaged during the removal process, and fibers could be spread throughout your property. This could actually create a problem, even if the substance did not pose a problem before. However, if the asbestos is already broken and damaged, removal may be the safest option. By using an asbestos removal expert, you will be able to ensure that the removal and subsequent clear up operation (if required) is conducted safely. Choosing to have the asbestos removed can help to give you peace of mind, and will mean that you do not need to worry about causing damage to the substance in future. Remember that when the substance was initially used in the building of your property, it was used to serve a purpose, and it is likely that you will need to pay to have the asbestos replaced with something else to serve that purpose instead.

The pros and cons of leaving the asbestos in place

If the asbestos is undamaged, experts may recommend that you leave it in place whilst taking steps to mitigate the risk. This may involve covering the material with a special substance, which makes it less likely to release harmful fibers, even if it is damaged. Of course, if the material is badly damaged, it can still cause health risks. If you do decided to leave the substance in place, it is important that you regularly monitor it, so that you will know if any potentially dangerous damage does occur. Leaving the asbestos in place means that it should continue to serve the purpose that it was originally installed to do.

The bottom line

Whether you decide to have asbestos removal or asbestos repair will often depend upon the results of the initial assessment. If the asbestos is intact, you may be advised to leave the substance in situ and continue to monitor it. If the asbestos is already crumbly or badly damaged, removal by a trained professional is normally recommended. Whatever option you choose, you should never try to do any work with the asbestos by yourself, unless you are a trained professional who understands the laws and requirements which surround the handling and disposal of harmful substances.

More about water damage restoration, fire damage repair and mold removal at


Signs Your Holistic Dentistry Clinic is Truly Natural

Signs Your Holistic Dentistry Clinic is Truly Natural

Healthy, holistic dental symbolYou may have realized by not that holistic dentists are not the same as traditional dentists. However, for many, this is a huge draw for natural dental clinics. But you should know that even among those practices claiming to practice natural dentistry that all clinics are not created equal. Here, we will look at a few ways that you can tell whether or not your holistic dentistry practice is the real deal. If you feel your dentist is not up to par, come see us.

Avoidance of What Other Dentists Readily Use

Lots of traditional dentists will use things to carry out certain procedures that a natural dentist practices will never use. For example, your holistic dentist will never use mercury fillings. Mercury is a toxin that should be avoided at all costs. When it comes to caring for your teeth, you can expect to never be asked to use a fluoride rinse at a holistic dentist. Neither would your child. Studies show that fluoride is bad for everyone, but is especially harmful for young children. Crowns and sealants are not used by holistic dentists. X-rays are used very sparingly.

Not Your Traditional Prescription

Holistic dentistrydoes not use traditional medication to treat dental issues. Instead, any natural dentistwill prescribe natural medications before they write any sort of prescription. In many cases, holistic practices avoid prescription medications all together. Instead, you can expect to be given things like all natural Vitamin C to drink, or even what others might call home remedies that have been proven to work. Homeopathic medications (all natural medications) might be recommended by some holistic dentists. Infrared devices are often used by holistic dentists instead of prescription painkillers after any kind of oral surgery.

Procedures They May Not Offer

You should also be aware that most holistic dentistry practices will not always offer the same services as very other traditional dentist office. For examples, holistic dentists almost never cut out or remove wisdom teeth. The only time that they will do so is if they are causing serious pain or health issues. Most surgery that takes out wisdom teeth is unneeded. Also, keep in mind that holistic dentistrypractices will very rarely offer patients root canals on teeth. Many of them will never offer them to patients. Instead, natural medication, cleaning of the affected area, and slight changes in diet can actually clear up the need for a root canal.

Important Preventative Measure You Can Take to Help Your Oral Health

Important Preventative Measure You Can Take to Help Your Oral Health

holistic natural or alternative medicine symbolHolistic dentistry is all about caring for each and every aspect of your own health to improve your overall oral and physical health. Here, we will tell you about preventative measures we highly recommend at our own clinic. Some of these preventative methods (which are common practice in holistic dentistry) might just surprise you. But the good news is that they are simple to do and will improve the health of your smile. You may already be doing some of them!

Eat Right

Your overall diet is extremely important to your overall health. The same can be said about your oral health. Why? Well, the first place that you expose to any meal is your mouth itself! All great holisticclinics highly recommend that their patients eat a well-balanced diet. Ways to improve your diet include to cut back on your intake of fats, salts, sugars, and processed foods. Many processed foods (especially highly acidic ones, like cola) can seriously wear away at your teeth and gums. Instead, try adding more milk or water to your diet.

Care for Your Teeth Daily

Just because we are a holistic dentistry clinic does not mean we do not sometimes agree with traditional dental practice. We cannot stress enough how important it is to give your oral health attention a few times a day on a daily basis. Be sure to brush following each meal. Floss at least once a day, preferably after every meal, as well. Try a natural antiseptic mouth rinse at least twice per day, too. In this way you can prevent tooth decay or loss, staining, weakening of the teeth, gum disease, and things like bad breath. Although you might not be able to prevent every dental issue, you can prevent most of them.

Use Natural Products, Even at Home

Holistic dentistrybelieves it is best to eliminate toxins from your life. This is why we keep our offices totally toxin free, as well. One of the ways that you can help your oral health (and your overall health) is to also eliminate all toxins from your home. This includes in your oral health products. Here at our practice, we recommend that you make your own toothpaste, or purchase an all-natural product for us. We also highly recommend that you carefully read the labels on all your oral health products to avoid toxins.

The Business of Botox – Why Doctors Are Rushing To Add It To Their Practice

The Business of Botox – Why Doctors Are Rushing To Add It To Their Practice

botox2Doctors up and down the country, as well as all around the world, are gaining training in administering Botox injections to patients, increasing their practice. In fact, many of them are rushing out to add it to their practice. Why is a medical procedure that many people would consider to be a mere cosmetic choice becoming so popular amongst patients, and therefore amongst their doctors?

We all know about Botox. We have seen the countless celebrities use Botox to ensure that they do not lose their incredible looks, and the chances of you personally knowing someone that has had a Botox injection procedure at least once in their lives is actually very high. A medical procedure that used to be part of being rich and beautiful has now become a mainstream treatment of choice for women, as well as men, that value their youthful looks, and what to ensure that they keep that way. But what many people do not realise is that Botox injections are not just used to keep wrinkles away from people’s foreheads.

In fact, Botox is considered to be a perfectly natural treatment plan for many medical conditions, none of which have anything to do with looking younger. Some people who suffer from frequent and severe migraines will have Botox injections to relieve their pain almost totally. There are also those that have nerve damage in their spines, and will therefore have almost constant back pain. Botox can do an awful lot to relieve their pain. These are just two examples of medical conditions that absolutely demand Botox as the primary treatment, and when administered correctly, doctors can bring a huge amount of relief from pain, as well as happiness.

And that is why so many doctors are desperate to be properly training in administering Botox treatments. After all, being a doctor or working within the health care system means that a person is naturally focused on making sure that their patients are happy and healthy. It is perfectly normal for a doctor to try to ensure that they are trained in as many treatment methods as possible, so that they can give the widest variety of choices to their patients. Botox is just one of the new skills that doctors are desperate to be trained in, but it is also one of the easiest to be trained in. Every single doctor and nurse is able to safely use a needle, and after that there really is not much else to be taught.

The business of Botox is incredibly beneficial: both for the doctor, who can ensure that the maximum number of patients can attend their surgery, as they will definitely be able to be treated, and the patient, who knows that they are in safe hands. Too many people are advertising Botox injections without receiving any sort of proper training. If you were going to have someone stick a needle into your head, you would want them to be a certified doctor! That is why doctors are rushing to add Botox to their practice.

Open The Door To A New Year With A Free Dental Consultation

Open The Door To A New Year With A Free Dental Consultation

sandiego2Dr. Daniel Vinograd and the Brighton Dental clinic in San Diego, California are excited to announce that free dental consultations will be available at the clinic on New Year’s Day 2015. We hope you will arrange your schedule to accommodate this free event that can make such a difference by improving the dental and overall health of you and your family members.

Strong health starts with having a health mouth. When you visit us on January 1, 2015 for your free consultation, we’ll carefully examine your mouth, face and head for many kinds of diseases and help you understand exactly what can be done to correct any issues that are present.

To get the most from your free exam and to have the best experience with us, please do the following:

  • Tell us about health problems that you know you have so we can take account of how those are interacting with your dental health.
  • Tell us about conditions — including both dental and overall health problems — that you are experiencing but have not visited a healthcare professional about.
  • Provide us with a listing of the medications you take regularly along with the dosage you take so that we can look for interactions with any treatments we prescribe or suggest.
  • Honestly tell us if you have a problem with dental anxiety so we can do everything possible to put your mind at ease so you can have a more pleasant experience than you’ve ever had at a dentist.

We sincerely hope you understand that overall health is closely linked to dental health. That’s why we take dental care so seriously. We want everyone in San Diego and across the nation to experience the fullest potential from life possible. Will you honor us by letting us provide a free consultation to you?

For additional information about this event, you can visit our website or call (619) 640-5100. We want to serve you and will do whatever is necessary to make the process easy and convenient.

Natural Tooth Re-mineralization with Homemade Toothpaste

Natural Tooth Re-mineralization with Homemade Toothpaste

brushing teeth with homemade toothpasteMany dentists have thought the process of tooth re-mineralization was impossible.  This is the process of re-instituting the natural minerals into the surprisingly porous teeth to strengthen them and fight cavities.  The dental pores are created by the foods and beverages we eat and drink on a daily basis, and it’s through these holes that acids and other ingredients begin to break down the enamel and structure of the tooth.  Demineralization occurs under the surface, creating cavities and leading to further problems like decay and even periodontal disease.


Surprisingly, many ingredients in toothpastes, even natural tooth-pastes, can be contributing to the demineralization of teeth and causing decay.  There is plenty of emerging evidence and studies that show the type of “diet” you need to be on to avoid excessive demineralization, but here we will start with a good re-mineralization homemade toothpaste that will allow you to check off at least one item on that list.


This below recipe has been tested by several holistic dentists, who agree that this will not only get teeth properly clean, but it will help in the re-mineralization process.  Of course, it should be noted that it cannot be used alone in the process, but as an added measure to the other changes recommended by dentists.



  • 5 tablespoons of calcium powder
  • 2 tablespoons of baking soda
  • 4 to 5 tablespoons of raw coconut oil
  • Optionally, you can use 3 tablespoons of xylitol powder.  This serves to keep the taste from being too bitter.
  • You can add other ingredients for taste like essential oils (cinnamon, orange, or mint are the best), grapefruit seed extract, myrrh extract, or other trace minerals.  These all help to strengthen teeth and fight bacterial infections.


Step-by-Step Instructions to Make Homemade Re-Mineralization Toothpaste

  1. Mix together all the powdered ingredients in a bowl.  If you choose to use calcium tablets for the powder, make sure they are ground up completely before mixing with the other ingredients.
  2. Add softened or semi-solid coconut oil a tablespoon at a time to the powdered mixture until you get the consistency or texture you want.
  3. Add the optional oils and ingredients
  4. Put in a glass jar or cup that can be covered and keep in the bathroom.  You can use it by either dipping your toothbrush into it or using a popsicle stick to scrape it on the brush.  If you choose to dip, be sure you have a different container for each household member to avoid cross-contamination issues.



More recipes available at

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Restore Your Smile with Dental Bridges

Fixed Bridge

Unlike in the past when there lacked a solution for people with chipped, misaligned or even missing teeth, nowadays, patients can choose from a plethora of the available aesthetic dental treatments effectively improving the vitality of their smile and overall oral health.

Typically, dental bridges are used for filling the gap resulting from one or several missing teeth. The natural teeth usually give the bridge support on either side of the missing teeth or tooth. It consists of two or more crowns for the teeth on each side of the missing part. The anchoring teeth are referred to as abutment teeth, while pontics are the dentures placed between the gaps.

Dental bridges are specially made to last up to fifteen years or even longer.  If you maintain good oral hygiene and paying regular visits to your dentist for checkups, your fixed bridge can last for over a period ten years.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

Bridges effectively help you:

  • Improve your smile
  • Recover your ability to chew and speak properly
  • Restore your face’s shape
  • Enable you bite properly by distributing the forces
  • Maintain remaining teeth in the ideal position
Fixed Bridge

Fixed Bridge

The Process of Getting Dental Bridges San Diego

During your initial visit, your dentist prepares the abutment teeth, which entail re-contouring these teeth by extracting a part of the enamel to create space for covering them with temporary crowns. Afterward, your dentist creates impressions of the teeth that will later be used as models by a dental lab in making a new bridge, pontic, and crown. Before your next visit, you will be given a temporary bridge to protect the exposed teeth and gums whereas the bridge is under fabrication.

In your second visit, your dentist carefully removes the temporary bridge and places the new bridge. To achieve proper fit, the new bridge is checked and adjusted as much as possible. However, depending on your case, you may be required to have regular checkups to ensure the bridge and bite are in good position and fit you well. Also, if you happen to wear a fixed bridge, you will have multiple visits to your dentist to cement it temporarily in the right position to ascertain that it’s fitting properly.

Top Oral Care Tips for Bridges

Although bridges are designed to last a lifetime, at times, they become loose or even fall out. Thus, it is essential to maintain the remaining teeth strong and healthy since the bridge’s durability mainly depend on the robust support given by the surrounding teeth. The most important step you can take to achieve this is by observing high levels of oral hygiene.

  • Ensure that you brush twice a day using fluoride toothpaste as well as flossing daily to prevent tooth decay and gum infection that can result in tooth loss.
  • Maintain regular visits to your dentist or dental hygienist for checkups and professional cleaning
  • Avoid chewing hard foods, ice or other hard substances to prevent damage to your new bridge.
  • Maintain a balanced diet for proper nutrition.

If you have a missing tooth, you should consider getting a bridge from your San Diego dental bridges dentist. Apart from the aesthetic drawback of missing a tooth, it could also alter the structure of your mouth and jaw, eventually making it hard to chew or speak well. Restore your smile today by getting a dental bridge.

More about San Diego Dentist, Paige Woods, DDS

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Dental Amalgam Fillings

Dental Amalgam Filling Removal

Tips In Preparing Your Home For Winter

Overflows holes can be used whenever the sink overfills, which is a major problem when they are clogged. The only maintenance required for splash blocks is periodic leveling. Nevertheless all different, and all homes will have issues.

Rain gutters truly aren’t optional – that is, at least, if you want to keep household in tiptop condition. Not having rain gutters is a risky proposition; dirty gutters are almost as bad as having no gutters in any way. Clogged, filthy gutters can’t do their jobs accordingly. In turn, all of the downsides of not having any gutters are anticipated to occur. How come quartz called rain gutters so imperative? You can find out by reading on below.

Turn the hose on full blast on the strongest setting and point it into the downspout best. This will clean the downspout and purify any residual debris might have lodged inside.

It’s a first rate idea to get in the habit of smoking of inspecting your hoses on a monthly base. Even if no visible indication of damage are found, is actually very a choice to replace your hoses every 5 years. There end up being a problem inside the hose which cannot be seen, but could cause the hose to burst. Most hoses last between 5-8 years before failure, so don’t neglect this important monthly home maintenance task.

If you want to control molds around you, change the settings that support their growth. The following mold removal tips to eradicate and prevent molds from growing and spreading.

A good way to start protecting your house water damage or flood is finding rid of carpet and padding. It is highly recommended that you use disinfectant and chemical assistance. The whole damaged area of residence such as walls, floors, ceilings as well as will definitely need advanced air moving firms.

There is also funny clauses that are rather mystifying. For some of them you’re covered while for others, you aren’t too. The worst part of all this is it is not something you can guess. Regrettably reasons that one case might be covered and another NOT covered can be nothing except ridiculous.

After a property owner has successfully completed a few home improvement projects and enjoyed their tangible benefits, confidence grows, which will encourage more ambitious chores. This is a positive feedback trap. There is no limit if knowledge with focus and brains.
A rusted, leaky rain gutter is can do as much damage like a leaky top. One system in particular is the leaf free gutter and hood computer. So, that you simply you are applying the space to its full selling potential.

How To Kill Mold – Be Careful About Your Interior Air Quality

Didn’t have enough confidence a fast way help to make it an enormous difference inside your home’s visual appeal. Then you can research items which have those properties. Check your walls for yellowish or brownish bothersome stains.
Mold thrives and reproduces in damp places. The as well as mold experts express that the ideal breading grounds for mold are the associated with walls and ceiling that are subjected to a recurrent supply of moisture, usually from a roof or plumbing leak. So famous is, how anyone know if in order to mold in your property and what would you do if require to? “Not all mold may be the same, and almost everything in the respond to mold differently,” said Doctor. Eckhardt Johanning, an occupational and environmental physician with offices in Albany and Manhattan.

Another good option is EcoDiscoveries Moldzyme Mildew and mold Remover. It’s a budget friendly option, with a cost of up to ten dollars a can. This product treats mold all the way to the surface it increasing on. You’ll not have to think about the mold leaving marks.

Before 100 % possible start black friday 2010 mold removal process you must repair any water intrusion into your home. Otherwise the mold you remove will just grow before.

The Moldstat Mold Remover and Prevention Kit will be the most expensive option discussed here. The $50 amount means could teach the beginning a very budget friendly option. The of this product is Theochem Laboratories Corporation. Because you come across this product at Sears, it would probably be not brand new or difficult to rely on. Sears has a reputation for sell goods that work well and that are already developed. Take the period for talk to of their property improvement experts before buying this product, however.

Who Should Clean?- Eat throughout the day for an individual do usually decide on who would certainly be doing the cleaning. Just a little amount of mold every now and then is absolutely nothing to worry as regards to. If there is a huge infestation in the basement as well as other hidden the main house, then that may be something for professionals for.

When prevention is overdue as the biggest is already infested with molds, don’t worry much and act upon it as early as you will be able to. You have to take note that moisture is indicated through discoloration, warping, condensation and musty earthly scent.

There a variety of mold removal products in order to choose ranging from. Walking down the cleaner aisle in the grocery store can be overwhelming. A little research enable you to you determine which product deliver the results the perfect for you.
Take the a person to do some study first, though. Your bathroom sparkles by reviewing the thorough weekly cleaning. There are some criteria to take into consideration before purchasing anything.

Black Mold Removal – All About Toxic Mold Infestation

It is not going to help if you cling in order to an involving misconceptions relating to it. The wood which is used for building materials are organic matter which molds feed concerned with.
It could be hard come to a decision between mold removers regarding the available options. They all have branding that ensures they seem such as best product to ever hit the. Each one promises to actually remove your mold. A person you know which the actual first is really most effective option? Before spending your money, think about a few key criteria in the beginning. The following are a few of obtaining mold removal products available on the sector.

Scott’s Liquid Gold Mold Control is really a mold, mildew and fungus for surfaces that are porous and nonporous. Additionally to helping kill mold spores possess been started to grow, early aging prevent against allowing new mold spores to sprout. This product can be applied on patio furniture from cement to wood. Unfortunately, you will have to pay a regarding money to do this product. It sells roughly thirty dollars retail.

Hard surfaces: Detergent or bleach end up being the utilized on hard surface. Tile, brickwork or glass can be scrubbed diligently with these cleansers and water to become able to remove the spores.

Dry and Clean – Set the fabric to dry in sunlight. Launder it afterwards having a mixture of two tablespoon bleach and quart of water. Let remedy stay on that fabric for a few minutes before rinsing the site.

Mold remediation work fairly tough you need to know all approaches to properly clean the infected site. You have stick to all the precautions and wear protective gears so that you can mold yeast infection. Experts who provide mitigation and removal can very well do the mold cleaning work even though have regarding experience and data. The mold removal NJ most other companies working in North Jersey can successfully do the mold remediation work.

You have most likely heard about or seen the commercials for the product Tilex. The Tilex Mold and mildew Remover Spray, in particular, has been popular for quite quite some time. This is a treatment that has been used in several different areas of the property. You need understand that this product, while great at removing mold and mildew, is very potent. Keep on this product out of reach of youngsters because its potency ensure it is harmful to humans.

Rinse top with cool water, and to dull. If any mold or mildew remains, then repeat the steps, or hire 911restoration professionals to take away the mold and mildew.Dry clothing as standard.
Then again, older people prevention is advisable than fix. Participate in a regular research for potential moisture problems. And, if you clean the mold but moisture remains, it restarted.

Who To Call When You Have Fire Damage

Most people, when learning how using these, should really get do and don’t by working at. There is often as certain percentage fixed each and every disaster. After all, we still have unpredictable wildfires here.
Today were continuing a virtual hike to Florida Saddle in the Santa Rita Mountains south of Tucson. It is 9.4 miles round trip, and will be the steepest trail in the Santa Ritas (except the ‘Very Steep Trail’). Avoid using start out around 4,300 feet, and climb to in excess of 7,800 feet in two.7 miles.

The building blocks for a strong Hunter start with their statistics. The most important stat to concentrate on is Agility. The Agility stat effects how well your hunter evades destruction. This is crucial because the Hunter can only don light armor until reaching level 10 when medium armor is revealed to you. Agility also boosts the offensive capabilities of the Hunter by increasing the ranged damage, chance of a critical strike, and decreasing the possibility of missing your target.

As an a parent and as being a freelance journalist I was very enthusiastic about keeping with product recalls, and in order to trying posted each recall since get started building links children’s recall that caught my attention, when the Nordstrom coats were were recalled.

You can minimize further damage obtaining the air moving on your property. Open all of the windows to ventilate the affected categories. You can even put in a fan circulation the air space. Definitely keep the windows open a person don’t have water damage. This will remains from getting moldy on top of the water home fire damage. Water can actually quickly ruin a floor by flooding it out and getting underneath so the wetness creates mold and mildew.

A normal garage has liquids tend to be highly inflammable in dynamic. So your home insurance premiums end up being lower if your garage is at a good distance coming from the main structure.

Unless drinking water Damage in NJ will probably be done because of your own hands, you must never sign the permit package. Tend to be two cases where contractors that don’t have a license have sought after signatures. You should never give into this. The companies present you with an associated with selections for your interiors who you can choose via. If you have any tips for your home, you can identify for the contractor and he will probably accommodate kinds of.

Laptops provide you the freedom to control without being tied to some desk, then again can be dangerous having a ko improperly. Make perfectly sure that you use your laptop safely both personal home and in the office.
These situations are the beginning reason for greater damage caused by water or fire. It does not give you in the event that to settle things down. These fabulous units look great and happy outdoors.